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Murray Hull

New Business Development Manager
Director, Prism Human Capital

Murray has significant depth of experience in customer service, senior management, sales and BDM roles gained throughout a career spanning service in the Australian Army, many years overseeing large multinational client relationships while based in Thailand, truck driving, and more recently roles in the consumer retail space and the insurance industry.

Murray is skilled in analysing business needs, managing internal and external stakeholders, and creating effective solutions that increase efficiencies across the business. He is energetic, dynamic and highly adaptable.

As a former Australian Army Captain, Murray highly values the importance of clear communication, adherence to process, and attention to detail. His background in corporate training and experiential learning bring an important skillset to the IIS team.

Prism Human Capital is an emerging service organisation that addresses the needs of SMEs and larger businesses to access diverse pools of talent across a variety of entry level and management roles. Leveraging his experience in organisational roles and streamlining operational processes, Murray is positioning Prism in a unique place in human capital and resourcing.

Murray and his business partners saw an opportunity to establish an insurance brokerage that leverages an agile and nimble posture while providing access to a significant breadth and depth of market knowledge and experience.

Murray is a valuable member of IIS as his diverse life experiences add balance and perspective to the team.