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Jesse Borthwick

Director/Chief Underwriting Officer

Jesse Borthwick has more than 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry, including as a technical underwriter for a large strata underwriting agency and as a broker. He has also worked with strata management companies.

Jesse has comprehensive experience in senior, technical and consultative roles. His underwriting and analytical skills have enabled him to develop strata-specific rating models, including tools that effectively manage strata risks above the 25th parallel.

Jesse has proven ability to manage large underwriting portfolios. He opened greenfield strata underwriting agency Longitude in 2012, which grew to more than $80m GWP. His comprehensive understanding of the strata environment, experience in senior positions, and ability to develop rating models enable him to effectively balance the tensions between statutory requirements, portfolio management, underwriting guidelines, and the need to offer competitive, innovative products to the market.

Jesse’s understanding of the complex nature of pricing risk will enable IIS to become a market leader in the strata environment. While he predominantly focuses on IIS’s technical performance, Jesse is actively involved in corporate management and strategic direction, working alongside Peg.