Strata insurance

Strata insurance precision: Robust coverage solutions engineered for property resilience and risk mitigation.

What we can do for you

We offer insurance for all strata risks, including:

  • Residential Strata Insurance
  • Commercial Strata Insurance
  • Specialist risk
  • Strata Insurance above the 26th parallel
  • Community Associations
Our product strives for market leadership through its innovative features, superior quality and pricing adequacy, coupled with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, establishing a benchmark in the industry.


Is your property impacted by defects?

At is-Strata, we understand that timelines are not always clear, and it is in our DNA to work towards practical solutions during this complex period for strata owners.

Are you facing constant rising insurance premiums due to repeat water damage claims?

At is-Strata we understand the importance of ongoing maintenance to pipework within your property. We can partner with you to undertake a maintenance program for the piping, flexi hoses and stop valves and this may lead to more competitive terms for your insurance and deductables at the time of claim.

Are you unsure what needs to be insured within your scheme?

Let the highly skilled and experienced team at is-Strata help you understand the insurance requirements of your scheme and offer you a solution.

Does your property contain highly flammable products such as ACP or EPS products?

At is-Strata we understand that the replacement and or removal of these products is a time consuming process, sometimes complicated with government approval/intervention. We will work with you to gain a fair practical solution for all parties during this period.

Can is-Strata think outside the box to find tailored business solutions for Owners Corporations to meet their statutory needs, and financial capabilities?

Yes, at is-Strata we are uniquely built to assist Brokers, in designing and negotiating bespoke business solutions for Owners Corporations. At IIS we don’t believe in a one size fits all model traditionally offered by our competitors.


Additional services

Elevate Your Coverage: explore our suite of additional insurance services for enhanced protection and peace of mind.

Enhance protection with our diversified suite, ensuring comprehensive coverage for every aspect of your insurance needs:

  • Claims management
  • Risk surveying
  • Educational services
  • Support services – risk mitigation, risk maintenance and building improvement including upgrading common problems such as burst pipes and flexi-hose upgrades


is-Strata Residential Strata Insurance Policy Wording and Product Disclosure Statement

is-Strata Commercial Strata Insurance Policy Wording and Product Disclosure Statement