Specialist Property Insurance

Tailored coverage for intricate properties, mitigating unique risks with specialised policies designed to protect high-value, non-standard or challenging assets comprehensively.

Our appetite

  • Unique characteristics: unusual or high-risk features that deviate from standard insurance criteria
  • Loss history: previous claims or losses that pose challenges in obtaining coverage
  • High-value assets: valuable properties or assets requiring specialised coverage
  • Industry niche: businesses in non-traditional or high-risk sectors
  • Underwriting complexities: factors that complicate the underwriting process, making it harder to secure conventional insurance
Navigating complex risks: Understanding the challenges of specialised insurance placement.


Why consider a DOFI for your insurance needs?

A Domiciled Offshore Foreign Insurer provides specialised solutions for challenging or unique risks that Australian traditional insurers may have difficulty placing.

What types of coverage are typically offered by a DOFI?

DOFIs often offer a range of coverages, including niche and high-risk policies, providing tailored solutions to meet specific and unconventional insurance needs.

How does the use of a DOFI enhance flexibility in insurance solutions?

Utilising a DOFI allows for greater flexibility in policy customization, enabling businesses to adapt insurance coverage to their unique requirements and risk profiles.

What regulatory considerations should be taken into account when choosing a DOFI?

Choosing a DOFI involves understanding and complying with offshore and local regulations, ensuring transparency, and verifying the insurer's financial stability and reputation.

Are there specific industries or risks that benefit most from DOFI solutions?

DOFIs are particularly beneficial for industries with high-risk profiles or those facing challenges in obtaining coverage elsewhere, offering tailored solutions for unique risks.

Global Insurance Collaboration

Work with us as we navigate mutual success in cross-border partnerships with foreign insurers.
When collaborating with a foreign insurer, it is important to understand regulatory nuances, cultural differences and legal frameworks which may differ from what we are accustomed to in Australia. We set clear expectations, ensure seamless communication and have a thorough grasp on policy coverage. Our transparent partnership with Newpoint Re leverages expertise from both sides for effective risk management and successful collaboration in the global landscape.


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