Claims made easy. Providing brokers with a streamlined claims process to simplify their role in supporting clients

Our claims philosophy

Efficient, fair, transparent claims process – ensuring customer satisfaction and trust.

IIS holds a Lloyd’s claims handling licence signifying adherence to high standards in the insurance industry.  Our approach to managing claims revolves around prioritising our clients and ensuring a fair, efficient and empathetic claims experience.

Our difference

Responsive, reliable claims support ensuring swift resolution and customer peace of mind.

At IIS, our difference is not just in settling claims, but in creating a positive and supportive experience that reflects our dedication to client satisfaction.

How do I lodge a claim or contract someone to discuss a claim?

What information am I required to provide when lodging a claim?

What happens after you are in receipt of the required documents/information?

What happens after you have made your assessment on our/my claim?

Once our/my claim has been accepted; how long will it take to finalise?

IIS as your Claims TPA

Efficient third-party claims management prioritising accuracy, speed and customer satisfaction

Being a dedicated TPA, our philosophy is to deliver consistent and high-quality claims services, building trust with clients and effectively managing the challenges associated with insurance claims processing.

Our role as a TPA is to collaborate closely with our clients in our handling of claims, to improve the claims process and by effectively managing our client’s claims to the highest of standards.

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